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Join our movement now!Join our movement now!Join our movement now!

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Tom Mercer

Proven Success

You need a representative that will support your ideas, fight for the needs of your community and earn your respect. For someone who truly cares for your community, look no further. 

The Platform

Why Vote for Tom

"I want to continue to be a part of the success of Chesapeake Public Schools. Our school system continues to be the envy of our neighbors, and one of the finest in the Commonwealth. This is due to a continued partnership between school staff, the School Board, and the administration of Chesapeake Public Schools.  I have the proven skills to build on the best of our past, while integrating that which will best serve us for the future" 

Tom Mercer

Top Three Priorities

  1. Maintain full accreditation for all schools
  2. Provide a safe environment where our children can grow and learn 
  3. Competitive salary and benefits for school employees 

Endorsed By

Republican Party of Chesapeake



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